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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Flow wishlist :)
Date Sat, 23 Nov 2002 14:11:29 GMT

> We must do *everything* possible to prevent abuse of the flowscript 
> layer. In fact, at the Cocoon BOF, several people expressed this concern 
> of seeing script kiddies coming from the flash world abusing the 
> flowscript and making the whole thing unmaintainable.

that's also one of my fears...

> > Ideally, with business logic moved to the flow controller, one would only
> > need to use selectors after a generator has been set.
> Yes.

selectors? what for?


> > 1. Renaming The Flow Send Functions.
> > Its clear from speaking with others that the naming of the flow script
> > "sendPage" functions is quite confusing...because infact "sendPageAndContinue"
> > has nothing to do with continuations. I propose:
> > 
> > "sendPage()" be moved to "sendPageAndWait()"
> > "sendPageAndContinue()" be moved to "sendPage()".
> +100! I had the exact same problem.


> > 2. Dynamic Flow Loading.
> > The way I see it, the flow controller managers the flow through a set of
> > available "views" (pipelines in our case). However, its quite possible that
> > in certain situations the flow through this particular set of views will need
> > to differ. For example, the flow through the views for a user with the
> > profile of "administrator" might be different than for that of "user".
> Hmmm, -0.9 it sounds like overseparation of concerns to me (oSoC, it's 
> anti-pattern brother). We *want* people to work on the same file, 
> otherwise, the flow of the administrator and the one of the users might 
> get out of synch.

why should they have to be in sync? it might be a totally different
flow.. If we could read the flowscript from an internal pipeline we
would be set.

 <map:flow language="JavaScript">
   <map:script src="cocoon://something/prefs.js"/>


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