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From "Rano, Didier" <>
Subject Réf:Re: SOAP, JMS, LDAP
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2002 17:17:21 GMT

In which release comes this flow engine ?
In flow engine, parallel process will be present ?

Didier Rano 
Serv'N Data

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Objet : Re: SOAP, JMS, LDAP
Auteur :
Date :  28/11/2002 17:58

Rano, Didier wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm a new cocoon user, and I'm not sure that cocoon could be solve my
> problem.

> * A user sends a request in using SOAP. With a web services, Cocoon executes a
> pipeline. At the end of the pipeline, the user receives a SOAP response
> * In the pipeline, I need to get data from a LDAP server
> * In the pipeline, I need to send data with JMS, and wait response from JMS
> * In the pipeline, I need to execute several sub-pipeline in parallel, and
> response from all sub-pipelines.

Huh... actually you would be surprised on what you can do with just a
hammer. :-)

Seriously, though, I think that there are no architecture limitations to
achieve what you want. Many people are using Cocoon for Web Services,
and there are already a lot of components ready for use. In fact, the
only thing missing from the picture, AFAIU, is the JMS part: this is
where you might want to write a set of components (transformers?
actions?) to achieve what you want. With the upcoming flow engine you
would probably have a cleaner solution, though.

I would direct anyway further queries to cocoon-users, since they
actually belong there.


Gianugo Rabellino

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