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From "Gal Binyamini" <>
Subject Java XML View open source project
Date Mon, 18 Nov 2002 01:38:35 GMT
Hello all.

I have recently released version 0.2 of JXV, an open source project aimed to convert Java
objects into "XML views". Here is a copy of the release announcement:

-- start of quote

I am pleased to announce the first public release of JXV. 
JXV is a library which allows for Java objects to be given "XML Views", and for those views
to be read back into objects. JXV supports both SAX and DOM output, and can read XML input
from any SAX-compliant parser. Resulting DOM trees are dynamic, and reflect changes made to
the object model even after they were created. JXV fully supports namespaces in it's XML views,
and can correctly parse and read XML content with namespaces. 

JXV uses a pluggable architecture which allows XML view factories to be configured and loaded
at runtime. The JXV configuration mechanisms also leverage XML namespaces to allow the configurations
for those different view factories to be inlined within the JXV configuration file. In this
release, JXV comes pre-configured with view factories for JavaBeans, collections, array, and
"flat objects" such as Strings, primitives, etc. These factories support a wide variety of
configuration options, and are sufficient for most object models. Future versions of JXV will
include pre-configured support for additional factories. JXV may also release special-purpose
factories (such as ones providing views for RowSets, ResultSets and other JDBC structures)
as extension packages. 

JXV is open-source and freely available in both source and binary form. It is covered by an
Apache-like license (see information at the project page). The JXV distribution contains a
compiled binary version as well as a buildable "src" dir (Ant is required to use the build

-- end of quote

Note that shortly after this release I had released version 0.2 with minor documentation improvements
and JDK1.3 support (previous version depended on 1.4 for some exception-related classes).

JXV's documentation as well as the latest releases can be found on

I designed JXV particularly with XML-based web publication frameworks such as Coccon (and
noteably Maverick as well). I think it serves the very important goal of providing a natural
link from the "java world" (no, not the magazine :) to the XML world. Unlike traditional XML
binders, JXV starts off with Java objects and only provides a "view" for them. No particular
requirements are placed on the objects. This design allows JXV to be used naturally when you
just want to put your business objects into the XML flow along with the rest of your data
sources. Since many applications require complex model representation, and OO is a proven
modelling technique for such structures, I think the functionality JXV provides is important.

I would be happy to try and help the Cocoon developers wire JXV into Cocoon's existing architecture
and see if it proves to be useful. If anybody is interested in trying this, please contact
me. Also any questions/comments/suggestions are welcome.

p.s. I thought this message would be most appropriate in the developer mailing list. I'm not
sure exactly how you divide messages between this list and the users' list, so if you think
the users' list is more appropriate please let me know.


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