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From "Alexander Peters">
Subject slide-sample is losing pricipal-data
Date Mon, 18 Nov 2002 08:54:06 GMT
Hello Cocoon-developers,

i'm trying to get cocoon using jakarta-slide as repository for the xml documents.
While running the slide sample in the cvs/scratchpad (11.11.2002) i recognized
that the sample is losing the principal-data at some places. For example:

     <map:match pattern="view/**">
-      <map:read src="slide://{1}?cocoon-principal={../ID}"/>
+      <map:read src="slide://{1}?cocoon-source-principal={../ID}"/>

private void collectSources(Hashtable sources, String uri, int deep){
252:     collectSources(sources, traversablesource.getChildSource(i), deep-1);
private void pushSourceDescription(String systemid, int deep) {
368:      pushSourceDescription(traversablesource.getChildSource(i), deep-1);

[getChildSource returns only the name]

212/218:                <xi:include href="{@source:systemid}" parse="text"/>

[systemid does not contain the uri parameter]

Because i'm new to cocoon and the list i would like to know if anybody is
already working on it and further bugs/patches should be posted to the bugzilla, the
committer or the list.



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