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From Colin Paul Adams <>
Subject DTD v. WXS v. Schematron v. RelaxNG
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2002 14:14:34 GMT
I have just finished further revisions to the draft sitemap. I shall
upload the new version to bugzilla as you read this.

>From the current todo.xml:

[code] For 2.1: Fine-tune the draft Sitemap DTD -
src/webapp/WEB-INF/entities/sitemap-v03.dtd  (see internal
comments). Tweak the default sitemaps to ensure that they
validate. Fine-tune the draft Sitemap WXS too -
src/documentation/xdocs/drafts/sitemap-2.1-draft.xsd  (see internal
comments). Anyone for Relax NG? 

This seems all a bit contradictory to me. Why do we need more than one
type of schema file? Can't we decide which format we want to use? I
would vote for anything other than DTD (as it is impossible to
validate all possible sitemaps with a DTD - my new version validates
all existing sitemaps in the distribution, but will need changing if
new tags are used).

I am somewhat puzzled by the use of namespaces in the sitemap. Both
the sitemap namespace and the global namespace are used, and I cannot
see why this should be (for instance, both parameter and redirect-to
occur in both namespaces). Looking at the java code, I cannot see that
the namespace is checked at all. In which case, why not just declare a
default namespace on the sitemap element?

Anyway, I'm hope to carry on with this work, if I knew what direction
it was supposed to go. 
Colin Paul Adams
Preston Lancashire

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