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From Tony Collen>
Subject Re: [RT] Getting rid of the table-based layout
Date Wed, 16 Oct 2002 16:31:36 GMT
On Wed, 16 Oct 2002, Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> Koen Pellegrims wrote:
> > YES! Please!
> >
> > The current layout is not flexible at all and I for one would welcome a
> > simple, CSS-based design.
> > I would do it myself if it wasn't for the time, or the lack thereof... ;-)
> Soon we'll use
> It's not only CSS because some older browsers *crash* on CSS instead of
> ignoring it.

Crash? wow... I've never seen it *that* bad, but I suppose that's what
testing is for, eh? :)  I've always done design work and tested against
Netscape 4.x, and not had any problems, but that was on a windows box,  so
who knows about other platforms.  I know Mozilla likes to crash on the
Sun boxes here at school when trying to render pages the Win32 version has
no problems with.



Tony Collen --
College of Liberal Arts   University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, West Bank

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