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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: Variable Expanders
Date Fri, 11 Oct 2002 10:18:39 GMT
Hi (this mail is *not* targetted at anyone specific),

I can only repeat myself:
We need something *similar* to the current InputModules for the
sitemap - this must not necessarily be those components we already
have - just ignore them for now (for this discussion).

What we need is a simple and usable concept for the sitemap 
(repeat: *sitemap* and not cocoon.xconf or blocks or...).
And to clarify this distinction it might be worth to use a
new name as Stefano suggested. It's a "new" concept anyway...

And yes, the current implementation is a long time in the cvs
but have a close look at the whole cvs. How many components/classes
are there which some of us don't know? Does anybody really care?
This topic has now gained much interest and we all can only learn
from it.

Look at other components we have, e.g. the webservices support or
the portal framework. Unless one really uses it, one can't have an
opinion about it. So one ignores it - until this topic gets
interesting. And when it gets interest by a wider audience
it's important to make the best out of it and listen to other opinions.

The input modules have an intersting history: first they were introduced
as a nice concept but were not intended to be used in the sitemap.
Then someone had the idea: "Hey, we can use them in the sitemap" and
they were integrated. And now many people feel: "Hmm, I can use them
in the sitemap now - but I don't like the way it works." And it's
our responsibility to fix this.

This whole discussions has cost many energy and one can think
"Uhm, if one of us had spend this energy into implementing this stuff,
it would already be there." Perhaps this is the right approach to
do, perhaps not. Anyway, we should summarize these ideas -
otherwise I fear that this thread will silently "die another day"
and nothing happens - the history in this project has proofed this.

Ah man, I really hate writing these long mails...

So what's the conclusion we can draw here? 
Let's forget the current InputModule implementation for the sitemap.
Let's implement a new "component" for this, and invent a name for it.
Let's see how it works - remember we are in alpha state, so
we can simply delete it, if it doesn't make sense.

I will go on vacation for the next two weeks, so I'm interest in
what I will find when I come back :)

Have a nice weekend.


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