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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: Chaining order (Re: [VOTE] Input module chaining)
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2002 14:59:45 GMT

Jeff Turner wrote:
> I assume you _want_ to configure the chain in the sitemap?

> > And yes: I still believe in SoC, which means a usual Cocoon 
> user has only
> > to edit (and know) the sitemap - he should not care about the 
> cocoon.xconf.
> How about that <map:modules> config section then?
> <map:modules>
>   <map:module name="forrestconf">
>     <config>resource:///forrestconf.xml</config>
>   </map:module>
>   <map:module name="defaults">
>     <values>
>       <skin>defaultSkin</skin>
>       <baseurl></baseurl>
>     </values>
>   </map:module>
>   <map:module name="skin">
>     <map:module name="request-param"/>
>     <map:module name="forrestconf"/>
>     <map:module name="defaults"/>
>   </map:module>
> </map:modules>
> Hm..
Hm, too. :)

> Anyway, disregarding this issue for a moment (Ugo had similar doubts),
> are there any problems with the basic idea of 'meta' modules that chain
> together other modules?
No, but (sorry, I can't help myself, I just have to say 'but' otherwise
I'm not happy...) I see different understanding of chaining:

a) The solution as far as I did understand it.
   If the first module has no the value for a key, the second one
   is questioned etc.

b) Real chaining: the value of the first module is passed
   into the second and so on.

c) Filtering (as Torsten suggested) - this might be a special case
   of b).

So, am I right that you currently only cover a) ?


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