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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: [vote] build systems
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2002 11:58:27 GMT

Torsten Curdt wrote:
> guys I'd like to have some backup before I change what I have in mind....
> 1. add a "status=stable/unstable" attribute to the projects in module.xml
> 2. add per project jar and class dependencies to the module.xml
> 4. all blocks start with cocoon- (for besser visibility in gump)
> 5. move the scratchpad stuff into a scratchpad block. the
> scratchpad libs will
> go into the lib/optional dir. they will be copied into the webapp only if
> necessary
> 6. I'd like to move also the documentation into a block (same or separate
> block for javadocs?)
What? Do you mean all documentation into one block? Or do you mean a per
block documentation? We discussed this several times and it was always
voted against it - and I think we shouldn't touch the documentation
system right now because of the current discussion about using forrest
or not.

> 7. I'm not quite sure about this one: what about also having a
> cocoon-core-block.jar instead of handling it specially
The core is not a block, so we should not call it a block.

> 8. the roles should go into a separate roles.jar since this needs
> to include
> the roles from the different blocks.
Why this? Adding roles from within a block during build already works
and putting it into a separate roles.jar doesn't help.

Please, (this is not targeted at you Torsten, it's just an information)
let's avoid trying to implement the great block concept proposed by
Stefano and Giacomo silently by adding here something and fixing there
something. We agreed to move it to 2.2.

I talked with Stefano the last two days about blocks (and more),
and guess what, he convinced me that blocks are really cool. We
refined the design he already proposed and cleaned out the wrinkles.
We will start implementing blocks as soon as 2.1 is *out*. But not
any sooner.
We both agreed on that.


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