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From "Dorsey, Chris" <>
Subject RE: [Fwd: [Juglist] Monday night - Introduction to Cocoon 2.0]
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2002 06:27:52 GMT
I surely wish i could attend, but i do have a HSSF Serializer question...
my intentions are to use the serializer outside of cocoon.  in order to test
for concept i put the following code within my servlet:

    try  {
      xlsOut = new OutputStreamWriter(response.getOutputStream());
      sb = new ServletBehavior(applId);
      String outStream = sb.process(request, response);
      StringReader sr = new StringReader(outStream);  // used when xml is
already in memory
      InputSource is = new InputSource(sr);  // put the XML into an Input
Source when coming from memory (not a file)
      String contentType = sb.getContentType();
      response.setContentType(contentType); // return string type
      if (contentType.compareToIgnoreCase("") == 0)  {
        HSSFSerializer hssf = new HSSFSerializer();
        XMLReader reader =

i get a NullPointerException during the parse().  i saw in one message that
i need to initialize logging before hand.  is this true?  and if so, how is
this accomplished?  any examples that you could provide would be more than

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Subject: [Fwd: [Juglist] Monday night - Introduction to Cocoon 2.0]

(forwarding to POI only because I'll briefly cover the HSSF Serializer
[XLS/Excel] and be glad to answer any questions)
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