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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: CaheValidity & toString()
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2002 01:10:30 GMT
Stephen Ng wrote:

>Okay I understand everything you say, but I still think the
>ContentAggregator code has a problem.
>>It's not second one, it's *the* *same* object. Equal keys == same 
>>object. See cacheable.xsp to get an idea, it shows how with 
>>the help of 
>>a single XSP you can create multiple objects (with different 
>>keys). In 
>>cacheable.xsp, every different value of the request parameter 'param' 
>>will create different object (in the cache).
>>I think you had confusion here. Main point is:
>>  Key identfies object,
>>  Validity represents *status* of this object (changed - need to be 
>>re-generated / not changed - can serve from cache).
>>Thus, to create several objects, simply generate different keys.
>I understand the code in cacheable.xsp; but even if cacheable.xsp has
>multiple keys, those keys are not taken into account when cacheable.xsp
>is put into an aggregation--ContentAggregator will always generate the
>same key, no matter what cacheable.xsp's generateKey() function is!

I see.

>(Because cacheable.xsp's generateKey() is totally ignored by
>ContentAggregator's generateKey()).  This is wrong.

It's not desirable in some situations, yes, but it's not completely 
wrong - it depends on semantics of content aggregator... But right now I 
think that you are right, and this is wrong, but this should be given 
some more thoughts.

>My change uses the (hash of the) xsp's validityObject instead of its key
>as a part of ContentAggregator's generateKey()--this is not so good, but
>I don't know how to get to the key from a SitemapSource.

Not possible ATM...

PS In the meantime, workaround is to use such System IDs (cocoon:// 
URLs) that have same information as a key, because System IDs are not 


>  Still, I
>believe that the hash of the validityObject is better than what is there

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