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From Tom Klaasen <>
Subject Re: R: R: [SUMMARY] JFreeChart, anyone ?
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2002 16:03:55 GMT

Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> Moving this to Krysalis, we will eventually post a summary on the 
> Cocoon list later.
> Luca Morandini wrote:
>> Nicola,
>> we've tried to use the Transformer included in Wings, but:
>> 1) We weren't able to compile it, due to some jar version mismatch
> Hmmm... any clue about this, anyone? 

Obviously, everything works on my machine... I don't have much 
experience with other environments.

>> 2) We didt't like its use of fixed DOM paths
> Hmmm... can be changed, nothing set in stone. 

Of course not. Those DOM paths are only there to have a quick 
implementation for a simple chart.

>> 3) We didn't understand its use of logging
> In which way? 

It's all still scratch, obviously. No decisions have been made yet on 
logging framework, logging strategy, and what else.

>> 4) AFAIK the Transformer didn't use JFreeChart
> CVS version doesn't, but Tom IIRC had already done a version with is 
> on his computer. 

I've got a JFreeChart Transformer lying around somewhere, but I don't 
think it's more functional than the JCharts version. Anyway, if you like 
to have a look at it, send me a mail.
As I've already said in the past on krysalis-dev, I don't care much 
which rendering engine (or even technique) we'll be using. JCharts and 
JFreeChart both seemed quite livable, and JCharts had an APL-style 
license (which, in my case, I might need some time).
In fact, the main thing that I do think is important, is the input 
format. There's a format in krysalis (in the "formats" dir), which tries 
to separate data, graph layout, and graph grouping. I'd love to see your 
comments on this.

>> Well, I used WinCVS to download it, and maybe I just didn't download the
>> latest version.
>> How could I download the latest stable release without using WinCVS ?
> It's still a Work in Progress, that's why I asked you to join us.
> If you are seriously interested in working on the code I could propose 
> you for commit access and you could work with us on it. 

The wings project (for me) is a bit in a catch22-situation right now: 
I'd love to have some serious feedback on it, but the project isn't set 
up yet to be easily transportable yet. And that's because I don't have a 
test porting environment nor enough eyeballs on it. Which is where you 
could jump in ;-)

> No need to start yet another charting effort, we can work together :-) 

I certainly look forward to that!


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