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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: sitemap DTD and sitebuilder
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2002 12:50:20 GMT
Colin Paul Adams wrote:

>>>>>>"Vadim" == Vadim Gritsenko <> writes:
>    Vadim> Please mind that all invalid parts in lint are commented
>    Vadim> out. The rest is valid sitemap (which, btw, works).
>OK - lint sitemap now validates except for unknown-tag. In order for
>that to validate, I have to add a line:
><!ELEMENT unknown-tag EMPTY>
>or some such to the dtd. Is this reasonable?

AFAIU, it is not possible to create DTD for the sitemap language exactly 
because some components allow any element name (for example, see 
RequestParameterExistsAction, and don't mind javadoc: it's not 
completely correct); the only possibility is to create DTD for all 
existing sitemap files.

If you are after second, then yes, it is reasonable.

PS Last thing which does not allow to run Cocoon in validating mode are 
XSLT files without DTD - and here universal DTD is also not possible to 

PPS If it helps, attached find sitemap DTD which only purpose is to 
allow parsing with validation, but it does not have a purpose of 
validating sitemap... Hope it's clear.


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