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From Nuno Santos <>
Subject XMLForm transformer
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2002 11:54:52 GMT
When i was developing a multi edit form, using the xf:repeat tag, i
realised that it didn´t work before a simple tag call before, like

I then checked the source code and found the function that's responsible
for the Repeat tag unrolling :
"protected void unrollRepeatTag( DocumentFragment docFragment )throws

inside the function i found a block wich is responsible to get all the
possible locations inside the «nodeset»:
" Collection locations = currentForm.locate( nodeset );"
" Iterator iter = locations.iterator();"
" while ( iter.hasNext() ){"
"   String nextNodeLocation = (String) ();"

after expanding the location to a group, there is a condition
check, which in my point of view is unneeded:
"if (value_ != null)"

I say that because there is no previous "value_" setting if our top tag
is "xf:repeat", wich means that we need to access a simple tag before
using the "xf:repeat".

My sugestion is that eather remove the check (that i think is undeed) or
replace it for a condition check on the group location object "

                                             Best regards
                                                 Nuno Santos

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