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From Bernhard Huber <>
Subject Re: [VOLUNTEER] Re: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 13541] New: - SAVE_UPLOAD_FILES_TO_DISK should be configurable
Date Sat, 12 Oct 2002 23:13:31 GMT
don't know much about the upload internals, just some hints about the
directory handling

>It seems to me that this is what is needed for
>- files should not be uploaded and saved by default
>from any page.  that has security hole written all
>over it.
>- when upload of a file is desired, there should be a
>configurable default directory (as there is now) _and_
>the ability to designate alternative locations either
>in the sitemap, and _maybe_ via runtime/request
As a short hint, i remember that servlet-spec is quit restrictive about 
files there is a servlet config parameter, snippet from the servlet spec 2.2
It is often useful for Application Developers to have a temporary 
working area on the local
filesystem. All servlet containers must provide a private temporary 
directory per servlet context and
make it available via the context attribute of 
javax.servlet.context.tempdir. The
object associated with the attribute must be of type

Moreover the file should take the servlet session into account if it is 
available, as
more than one user may upload files.

bye bernhard

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