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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: Variable Expanders
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2002 22:22:45 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> Piroumian Konstantin wrote:
>> Ok. I'll give a real Use-Case and you look at it with your critical 
>> glance.

[forrest use-case goes here]

>> from the
>> user's point of view, input modules act as namespaced sitemap variables,
>> e.g.:
>> <map:transform src="{request-param:stylesheet-name}.xsl" />
>> So, instead of using a wrapper action to get a request parameter 
>> value in
>> the sitemap, the user will simply use this short version.
> All right, finally I got the picture. I really needed that (and I 
> think many others as well).

"Me-too" goes here.

> Now, follow me:
>  1) from the user's point of view, input modules act as namespaced 
> sitemap variables (you said that)
>  2) that means that just like the user knows that type="xslt" will 
> match the transformer associated with 'xslt', the variable 
> {request:skin} will match the 'skin' attribute in the input module 
> named 'request'
> so, question:
>  why aren't you declaring them in the sitemap?
> also
>  why not calling them something more specific than InputModules?
> Take a look at this
> <map:sitemap>
> <map:components>
>  ...
>  <map:expanders>
>   <map:expander name="A" src="..."/>
>   <map:expander name="B" src="..."/>
>  </map:expanders>
>  ...
> </map:components>
> ...
> <map:expanders-sets>
>  <map:expander-set name="blah">
>   <map:expand type="A"/>
>   <map:expand type="B"/>
>  </map:expander-set>
> </map:expander-sets>
> ...
> </map:sitemap>
> isn't it more precisely describing what you want to achieve?


AFAIU from these recent discussions (yes, I've read them - silently), it 
is not yet set in stone where input modules should be declared - in the 
sitemap or in the cocoon.xconf. Some (or many) do not agree with input 
modules configuration in the xconf file. I also think that input modules 
should be declared in the sitemap - it's more user friendly then in the 

But, as we have now ability to declare any sitemap components in the 
xconf file, same way (IMHO) we should have ability to declare input 
modules in the xconf too. And this should not remove ability to declare 
them in the sitemap - were all declarations of the "glue" modules 
actually belongs to.

Thus, it seems to me that the best way would be to support configuration 
in the xconf *and* in the sitemap - same way as for other sitemap 
components (generators, etc).

Regarding this component name: input module / expander / what-else: 
Let's choose one and stick to it, before 2.0.4 released.


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