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From Jens Lorenz <>
Subject Re: XML input module (was: RE: Nice changes!)
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2002 07:55:40 GMT
Christian Haul wrote:

Hi Christian,

> Yes, but not just the pipeline but anywhere. Actions use it, so do
> Matchers and Selectors. It would not be much of a problem to make it
> accessible from XSP as well. It's just not done, yet.

SCNR, following the discussion here we just thought about the great idea 
of having an input module logicsheet for use in XSP in order to get 
custom-tailored XML data for the start of a pipeline (for example 
specific request parameters, attributes of session beans with defaults 
encoded in an XML file).

I'd also like the idea of a map:modules section for the sitemap in order 
to avoid touching cocoon.xconf.

> 	Chris.



Jens Lorenz

interface:projects GmbH                             \\|//
Tolkewitzer Strasse 49                              (o o)
01277 Dresden                               ~~~~oOOo~(_)~oOOo~~~~

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