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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Pipeline Level Flow Extension
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2002 11:11:52 GMT
> What I would like to be able to do is specify a flow for
> the report masks, and a seperate flow for the reports (with
> out having to have a seperate sitemap in this case). This seems
> to me "natural" thing one might wish to do, rather than "complex"
> thing. :)

I second that - it would feel natural. ...but having a "default" flow and 
"overriding" sounds like FS.

> Of course one could specify all the required flows(js functions) in
> one script, but for the purposes of readability, scalability, and SoC,
> I thought it might "nice"(although not essential) to have the option of
> being able to split up the flow within the sitemap.

If we don't support to split up flows within a sitemap this might give the 
user/developer the burden of creating sitemaps where he wouldn't usually 
create one - just for SoC.

> Since, as you know, cocoon sitemaps can already be broken up into smaller
> conceptional sections called pipelines, I thought maybe we could have
> the option of splitting up flows at the same level.

hm... I don't really see the connection between pipeline and flow internally 
but from a user's point of view this might be ok :-/

This reminds me a little on the term "mounting flowmaps" like it was used ages 
ago - maybe a mounting should really be considered... so it could be mounted 
within a matcher? since usually a flow is uri related?

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