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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject build system [was: scratchpad blocks]
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2002 02:04:09 GMT
while implementing the scratchpad blocks...

> I am fine with that... So I'll go for
>          <!-- the following blocks are marked unstable and should be
>                considered being pre-alpha quality. Their API might change
>                without notice -->
>          <myteststuff include="false" status="unstable"/>
>          <scratchpad include="false" status="unstable"/>

...I found some things I like to hear some opinions on before changing the 
whole build system ;-)

1. I found that the status="unstable" should be not in the properties.xml file 
but the modules.xml file. since that's the file that describes our blocks

2. Why is this file called modules.xml? Shouldn't it be better named 
blocks.xml? But it also includes the core... Should we have a core block?

3. No matter what I select in the properties.xml (include or not) it seem 
every block gets included (for installwar) - someone else experienced that 
before? (I haven't had time to have a closer look yet)

4. For me it seems like javadocs/documentation as well as the blocks are 
*always* build (for installwar). no matter what is selected in the 
properties.xml. this might of course also be related to 3.

5. Shouldn't we have also a lib directory inside blocks and move the optional 
jars into those directories? So we can easily copy them only if they are 
really needed inside the webapp

6. javadoc spits out dozens of full text lines... warnings and stuff. is that 
really necessary? Cannot remember to have seen it that verbose before...
Maybe because I switched to jdk1.4 now? (stupid GLIBC_2.0 bug in 1.3)

Anyone: before making bigger changes of the build system please talk back to 
me since I have some things waiting to be committed ;-)

Fire off!

it's late - good night :-)

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