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From Antonio Gallardo Rivera <>
Subject XSP vrs. transforms.
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2002 05:57:06 GMT
Hi everybody!

Today I received the book of Carsten and Matthew. All day I was reading it. 
Nice book! Lots of info about the inside of the Cocoon world.

I buyed it because I needed to know more about the XSP. I thinked this is the 
way of the future development of Cocoon. But after reading the chapter 10. I 
have a brainstorm in my head. :(

It looks like soon XSP will be deprecated in favor of transformers. XSP is 
nice just for prototyping.... XSP has performance lack.... XSP has many 
disadvantages in front of transformers....well. :( Its OK.

All the book talk mainly about the transformers. I know that this is a new 
wave and very nice.

By the way when I asked about what is better to use in August nobody can tell 
me that: "If you are new in Cocoon use better transforms, XSP is being 
changed by transforms". Nobody tell me that few words that cleary like the 
book show "the future is in transforms and not in XSP". :(

Now I have almost 1 app full written using XSP without transformer and I feel 
like I choosed a wrong old way of Cocoon. Because I need to write it again 
usaing tranformers if I want to use this app in the future releases of 

I said that because as the book said, the interest in XSP is going down in 
favor of transforms.

Can someone tell me if I am wrong? As many of you can see I was asking this 
almost every month here. Please answer.


Antonio Gallardo.

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