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From Antonio Gallardo Rivera <>
Subject Default names in modular DB Actions and Javascript.
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2002 19:14:15 GMT

I am using Modular Database Actions. The default name of the fields of a table 
is defined:


The problem is that this kind of parameters names in javascript is interpreted 

Then If we are trying to use Modular Databse Actions with javascript. This 
will not work in his default parameters name. Its conflicting.


I need to fill the hidden paramter after a user select an option:

The parameter is:
<input value="" name="price.cost" type="hidden">

<select name="selectedPrice"
	onChange="return fill_value(price.cost, selectedPrice);">
  <option value=""> -- Select a Price  -- </option>
  <option value="$1.00|OnePrice"> This is a price</option>
  <option value="$1.00|AnotherPrice">Another Good Price</option>

As you can see the onchange will not work on Javascript.

Well, I know that I can change the defaults names to make it work, but can be 
better if we can choose a better syntaxis of the default names.

I hope this example illustrate well the problem I am trying to show.


Antonio Gallardo

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