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From Dave Bettin <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Port
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2002 13:23:23 GMT

&gt; Dave,
&gt; please be aware of the fact that Cocoon lives on
&gt; value of its name 
&gt; and its license protects it.
&gt; I'm personally happy if somebody ports Cocoon in
&gt; other languages (people 
&gt; already did twice, for Perl and PHP) but I'll be
&gt; personally pissed if 
&gt; they used 'cocoon' inside the name if they
&gt; distribute something which is 
&gt; not coming *straight* from this project.
&gt; So, whatever you end up with, please, don't call
&gt; 'cocoon#' or 'Cocoon 
&gt; .NET' or &#34;NCocoon&#34; or anything that
contains Cocoon
&gt; in it, unless you 
&gt; want to donate your code to this project and then
&gt; the community will 
&gt; decide if we want to maintain two independent
&gt; codebases written in two 
&gt; different languages. [but it would be easy to
&gt; the answer]
&gt; As far as C# goes, I think .NET does things
&gt; than java in a few 
&gt; circumstances, but for sure this is not a good
&gt; reason to throw away 
&gt; those millions of lines of code we already have.
&gt; So, at the end, all I personally ask you is to be
&gt; respectful of our work 
&gt; by not abusing the name cocoon for your work.
&gt; For anything else, expect great collaboration
&gt; me even if I'm not 
&gt; going to move my programming skills to C# just
&gt; [and people, please, no language-flamewars, ok?
&gt; world is beautiful 
&gt; because it's diverse, we just have to be nice and
&gt; respectful one another]
&gt; -- 
&gt; Stefano Mazzocchi                              
&gt; &lt;;


  I will absolutely respect the &#34;Cocoon&#34; name.
(I guess &#34;CocoonSoft&#34; is out :) ) I believe
Cocoon is a tremendous framework that should be
available for .Net. 

As I get farther into this &#34;port&#34; I will use
some of my own ideas in the implementation. And it
will slowly break from the Cocoon mold and live
through it's own community.

The only thing I ask, Is I would like to acknowledge
the ideas for the .Net project were conceived from

I appreciate the great framework and will definitely
not ruin the value of &#34;Cocoon&#34;.


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