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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: Variable Expanders
Date Fri, 11 Oct 2002 09:49:50 GMT
On 10.Oct.2002 -- 11:50 PM, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Piroumian Konstantin wrote:
> Now, follow me:
>  1) from the user's point of view, input modules act as namespaced 
> sitemap variables (you said that)

If used in sitemap, yes. In gereral they are arbitrary data sources.

>  2) that means that just like the user knows that type="xslt" will 
> match the transformer associated with 'xslt', the variable 
> {request:skin} will match the 'skin' attribute in the input module named 
> 'request'
> so, question:
>  why aren't you declaring them in the sitemap?

Because they are not only relevant to the sitemap and declaration of
general components in the sitemap was considered bad.

> also
>  why not calling them something more specific than InputModules?
> Take a look at this
> <map:sitemap>
> <map:components>
>  ...
>  <map:expanders>
>   <map:expander name="A" src="..."/>
>   <map:expander name="B" src="..."/>
>  </map:expanders>
>  ...
> </map:components>

OK, although I don't like the name. <map:inputs><map:input .../></map:inputs>

would IMO be better.

> <map:expanders-sets>
>  <map:expander-set name="blah">
>   <map:expand type="A"/>
>   <map:expand type="B"/>
>  </map:expander-set>
> </map:expander-sets>

Since you can stack them as you like (if they support it, that is), it
does not make sense to have a special syntax for it. InputModules that
can be composed of others ('meta') differ in no way from 'normal'
ones. So there is no need for a special block.

> isn't it more precisely describing what you want to achieve?

No. It changes a name and not for the better and places the
declaration to a place were SoC is breached. What really is needed is
multiple xconfs. Most (all?) sitemap components should be in a local
xconf. Until then, it should stay in the one that we have.

It probably doesn't add anything to this discussion, but maybe this
illustrates some aspects.

BTW did someone notice, that these thingies that we spend so much time
about now are in CVS since Q1 02??

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