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From Antonio Gallardo Rivera <>
Subject Re: Chaining order (Re: [VOTE] Input module chaining)
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2002 14:24:47 GMT
El Martes, 08 de Octubre de 2002 08:22, Carsten Ziegeler escribió:
> Jeff Turner wrote:
> > > Just a silly question: are you joking or do you consider this
> > > seriously?
> >
> > Absolutely :) See the other thread. It separates two concerns that are
> > currently mixed, and makes module implementation _much_ simpler. I think
> > Chris, Konstantin and I are all very happy with it. Now's the time to
> > raise objections..
> Yes, ok, if you are all happy with this...I can't stop you from doing this.
> I personally don't like the concept, because the configuration is static in
> the cocoon.xconf - I don't see this in the sitemap.
> And yes: I still believe in SoC, which means a usual Cocoon user has only
> to edit (and know) the sitemap - he should not care about the cocoon.xconf.

I believe in this too. Carsten, you have my vote. ;)
But I dont have voting capabilities here :(

I think Cocoon must be able to be changed at run-time. This is a big plus for 
a production environment and the user surely will welcome this behavior. Just 
make a little change in the config and continue without stopping the service! 
The sitemap is a nice example of that.

Just a little advise: Think what users will welcome, not how dificult will be 
code the feature. ;)

Antonio Gallardo.

> Carsten
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