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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: XML input module (was: RE: Nice changes!)
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2002 08:11:56 GMT
On 02.Oct.2002 -- 09:55 AM, Jens Lorenz wrote:
> Christian Haul wrote:


> >Yes, but not just the pipeline but anywhere. Actions use it, so do
> >Matchers and Selectors. It would not be much of a problem to make it
> >accessible from XSP as well. It's just not done, yet.
> SCNR, following the discussion here we just thought about the great idea 
> of having an input module logicsheet for use in XSP in order to get 
> custom-tailored XML data for the start of a pipeline (for example 
> specific request parameters, attributes of session beans with defaults 
> encoded in an XML file).

Cool. The reason I didn't so far is that I couldn't decide on how to
to the caching of modules i.e. to avoid obtaining a thread safe module
multiple times on one XSP :-) Apart from that, it should be simple.

> I'd also like the idea of a map:modules section for the sitemap in order 
> to avoid touching cocoon.xconf.

Yes -- although this is a bit like a deja vu of the block
discussion. Component configuration is not likely to be moved to
sitemap since it is really a different concern. Hierarchical
configurations will come and the avalon guys have something in petto I

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