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From David Crossley <>
Subject enabled build scratchpad
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2002 06:31:12 GMT
A while ago we used to be able to experiment with general
new stuff in the scratchpad using "build scratchpad".
Now that build target seems to have disappeared. We do have
an "installscratchpadwar" target, but i want to try out other
things that do not run as a webapp.

I have re-instated the "scratchpad" target, so that we have
both available. This presents interactive options to the
user, so they can decide which target in the scratchpad
that they want to try to use. It then uses <ant> to run
the relevant antfile from src/scratchpad/builds/
This stuff was already there from before - i just hooked
it up again.

Now to a subsequent question ...

The scratchpad target that i am developing depends on
some targets back in the main build.xml file. Can someone
please tell me how to refer to targets in the parent
project from within my antfile?

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