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From David Crossley <>
Subject XML validation during Cocoon build [was: sitemap DTD]
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2002 00:15:57 GMT
Colin Paul Adams wrote:
> >>>>> "Colin" == Colin Paul Adams <> writes:
> >>>>> "David" == David Crossley <> writes:
> David> How will we do that "sitemap validation during the build
> David> process"? That sounds to me like a job for Anteater and
> David> Relax NG validation. We could use the new sitemap DTD to
> David> generate an RNG grammar.
> David> ... some useful threads:
> David> [VOTE] Schematron validator in Anteater (and
> Cocoonvalidating Transformer)
> Colin> Well perhaps. But simplest (?) would be just to parse all
> Colin> sitemaps with Xerces, with validation turned on (adding
> Colin> doctypes to point to the dtd via the catalog, to all
> Colin> sitemaps), wouldn't it?
> Colin> I've knocked up a simple stand-alone java application that
> Well, I've been wasting time. There is already an optional ant task
> called XMLValidate, so we can use that.

We could. However, proper support for Entity Catalogs
is not yet in Ant. So we need to use a rudimentary
catalog facility which automatically builds an internal
catalog. This works, but is cumbersome. We used this
technique in Apache Forrest to get started with
validation. It does work, but the scratchpad build
of Forrest is currently broken.

I still think that the Anteater discussion links that
i provided earlier in this thread is the most promising
option. This was building validation facilities for
Anteater which could also be used in Cocoon.

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