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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject RE: [OT] Googlefight
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2002 08:31:21 GMT
Quoting Piroumian Konstantin <>:

> Another comparison: Cocoon vs. Struts. 
> eeling+Groggy%21%21+Go%21&compare=1&langue=us
> Result could seem amazing, knowing how popular is Struts. But after a moment
> I've realized that so few searches can also indicate more visibility of the
> project (I mean that Struts does not need to be searched, cause it's well
> known). So returning to the Cocoon vs. Zope case, if Cocoon is searched less
> than Zope this can mean also that Cocoon is easier to find by other means
> (e.g. directly from Apache site).

Hmmm, while I was craching up to see that googlefight web (isn't human 
creativity so amazing sometimes?), with my semantic hat on and with purity mode 
turned on, I would say that the above is purely and absolutely useless.

look at

and you know what I mean :)

In a really semantic search engine, we would have our own URI point to our own 
topic and we could be able to have a fair semantic-searchfight... but that 
would mean that, for example, the search engine should be inferring smart 
enough to understand that if I talk about 'cocoon' on the 'cocoon-' mail list, than that token should be associated with the 
topic related to

Yeah, it would be cool, but totally impractical since you'd have to write your 
emails using RDF-like markup.

Bah, I should burn this stupid semantic hat one day.
Stefano Mazzocchi                       <>

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