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Subject Re: [Proposal]: Advanced Value Substitution
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2002 09:38:58 GMT
> >here is a simple proposal for an easier value substitution algorithm
> >in the sitemap.
> >
> >Currently, if you nest actions and matchers you have to aware of
> >the paths to get your information:
> ><match pattern="**">
> >  <act type="anything">
> >      <read src="{directory}/{../1}"/>
> >  </act>
> ></match>
> >
> >This can get very complicated. When I first got contact with value
> >substitution more than two years ago, I thought I could write:
> ><read src="{directory}/{1}"/>
> >
> >The two components use different keys, so there is no conflict and
> >the values can be resolved.
> >This is in accordence to usual programming languages where a
> >variable is not only searched in the current scope but also
> >in the parent scope:


> >What do you think?
> >
> Sorry Carsten, this is a day where we don't agree :-/

Although I am also sometimes confused about substitution values like
{../../../../../../../1} just to get the result of the first match..
But I fear you might find yourself searching for clashes... don't know
if this will make things really easier...

BTW: Do we support absolute paths already? like {/1} being on the first level?

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