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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: sitemap design - model and process
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2002 09:19:12 GMT
Bernhard Huber wrote:
> hi,
> I'm thinking about a model for designing a cocoon sitemap.
> You might say just edit the sitemap sitemap.xmap with an editor,
> and that's it.
> But I was downloading forrest, and i'm surely impressed by the
> nice skin, and the visual design, but i'm a bit too lazy for walking through
> all the sitemap, and build scripts for understanding the design.
> Thus I would be very happy for having a model for the forrest site.
> Moreover i'm thinking that for a team using cocoon it would be very helpful
> for having some sort of model, and some sort of process for creating,
> and maintaining the sitemap, and its mounted sitemap.
> I was thinking of describing, and designing a sitemap by using UML,
> as i think UML is the right language for that.
> Note: I'm not interested in an Reverse-Engineering using an UML tool of
> the existing java code. That's not what i want. The solution of this effort
> should help the web site team for maintaining a website.
> I want a model for WebMaster, WebStyleDesigner, and WebApplication 
> programmer
> for designing, creating, and maintaing a site.
> Perhaps i didn't understand Cocoon completly, as cocoon sitemap might be 
> the model,
> but I think a team might need some more documents, than a plain xml 
> document for
> mainting a site powered by Cocoon.
> Does anybody have similiar ideas?
> Any input is welcome.
> bye bernhard

The idea sounds excellent Berni. Would you please
explain a little more about how you see this
process working. Is it ...

UML (model of a particular sitemap instance)
XMI (interchange of model via XML)
XSLT (xmi2sitemap.xsl)
XML (the sitemap.xmap instance)

The Cocoon sitemap probably *is* the model,
as you say. However, it can be modelled using
something else and then represented as a Sitemap.

I probably display ignorance, but who cares if it
leads to something useful. I went googling a came
across a reliable starting point:
 Conceptual Modeling and Markup Languages


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