I think that climate in Moscow is much worse than anywhere in Europe (except the Scandinavia), so *any* number of palm trees would be excellent in the middle of snowy and cold November in Russia ;)
  Konstantin Piroumian
P.S. Sorry for an off-topic discussion, but they are needed sometimes, isn't it?
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Must warn you: weather conditions not always optimal; we have *few* palmtrees ;-)

But: nice cities, beautiful culture and of course the world famous collection of Belgian beers!

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> From: Steven Noels [mailto:stevenn@outerthought.org]
> Piroumian Konstantin wrote:
>  > What are the costs for visiting Belguim? I have some
> unused vacation
>  > days ;)
> if you can hike into Paderborn, Germany, I'm sure Matthew and Carsten
> would give you a ride :-)
> http://radio.weblogs.com/0103021/2002/09/04.html#a365

No thanks, too far from Moscow for a hike.  ;)

> Ghent is typically less expensive than European capitals (London,
> Brussels, etc). There's lodging available at any price. The event itself
> is held a little bit outside Ghent, but setting up some taxi service
> shouldn't really be a problem.
> You'll find Bruges in close proximity to Ghent, which apparently is a
> must-see for all Japanese visitors doing their European Hajj. The nice
> thing about Ghent itself is that you can actually walk across the city
> in an hour - while it is a big city to Belgian parameters, it is still a
> cosy place. And there is the Belgian beer and general tendency to like
> the nice things in life, of course :-)

Sounds very attractive. I should seriously think about a vacation somewhere in Belguim ;)


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