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From Michael Melhem <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Pipeline hints
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2002 13:54:44 GMT

Re: Bugzilla [Bug 12227]

FYI, this patch implements "pipeline-hints" as discussed on cocoon-dev

Breifly, "pipeline-hints" is the ability to provide
"hints" to pipelines to indicate that certain behavior
is desired when adding a pipeline-component to the pipeline. This hint
takes the form of an extra "hintParam" Parameters Object in the "set" and
"add" methods of the ProcessingPipeline interface.

This patch provides a first stage implementation (and does yet fully
implement the planned syntax as Proposed by Sylvain Wallez below). But
can easily be extended to do so.

This patch also alters the caching-point pipeline implementation so that
it accepts caching-points "hints" to indicate manual caching points!

so that <map:transform src="../simple-samples2html.xsl" hint="caching-point"/>
will hint to the pipleline that this is a manual caching point.

Of course, pipeline implementations which do not support certain hints
silently ignore them.

What do you guys think?

Michael Melhem

On Fri, 26 Jul 2002, Sylvain Wallez wrote:

> Proposed syntax for pipeline hints :
> // A hints attribute has one or more comma separated hints
> hints-attr :: hint [ ',' hint ]*
> // A hint is a name and an optional value
> // If there is no value, it is considered as a boolean "true"
> hint :: litteral [ '=' litteral ]
> litteral :: <a character string where ',' and '=' must be escaped with '\'>
> This allows the following :
> pipeline-hint="caching-point, connector=profiling"
> Note also that sitemap variable expansion applies as usual :
> pipeline-hint="caching-point={want-cache}" where "want-cache" is a
> sitemap variable (either a Boolean or a true/false string).
> Sylvain
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> Sylvain Wallez
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