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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject Update on Error Handling and output stream buffering
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2002 06:51:17 GMT
Hi Team,

I implemented yesterday the buffering of the output stream (in 2.1),
so the response can be completly reset if an error occurs.

I know that Sylvain did not like this and over night I got to
a (hopefully) better solution, which I just implemented:

The environment provides a new method getOutputStream(int bufferSize),
so the pipeline implementation can controll the behaviour.

The pipeline component has a new paramter called outputBufferSize.
If this is set to "-1" (which is the default) the output stream
is completly buffered (as implemented yesterday).
If this is set to "0", no buffering takes place and a value
greater than "0" bufferes with the given size.

By configuring this parameter in the sitemap, you can turn off
buffering if you want for single pipelines.

If the response is read completly out of the cache or if
the serializer requires to set the content length (FOP for example)
the non buffered stream is automatically choosen to
avoid double buffering.

So, you can configure (finetune) those parts of your sitemap
where you don't need this buffering.

I hope you like it...


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