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From "Robert Koberg" <>
Subject on & off topic: Resin's compiled XSL
Date Sat, 28 Sep 2002 12:52:01 GMT

There has been a good amount of talk/action on this list about Xalan's XSLTC. I
wanted to suggest an excellent alternative: Caucho's Resin. In the latest
snapshot/experimental version there have been a number of bugs fixed with regard
to the compiled XSL. If you like Resin (how could you not) and have tried the
compiled XSL, but it did not work, you might want to check it again.

Some of you are familiar with my app. It is pretty XSL-heavy :) I believe the
XSL to be optimized. I have been using Saxon because it the fastest compliant
processor, but that has changed with the latest Resin snapshot. When a site is
generated (say 100 pages - semi-complicated XSL) it goes through a few
transformation stages to get the final result and I produce (usually, at least)
a print-friendly html page per non-print-friendly page. Under Saxon this takes
8-12 secs. Under Resin it is 1-2 secs!!! I have not tried Xalan-j in a while but
the last time I did it was much slower than Saxon.

Resin is a commercial product (US$500 per), but is free for development. The
source code is open (not Open Source). I am not affiliated with them.

I am thinking if it can run my XSL it can run alot of others. There does not
seem to be much use of their XSL engine (probably because of the previous bugs).
But if you are interested, try running your stuff and if you see bugs hopefully
you can report them to caucho so it gets fixed in the next release. (make sure you get the Experimental Snapshot)


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