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From Martin Holz <>
Subject Re: WebDAV sitemap
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 09:45:21 GMT
On Monday 23 September 2002 10:07, Michael Homeijer wrote:
> Hi,
> I found and received info on slide, but I was thinking of a sitemap that
> has matchers and additional actions, transformers etc. that make supporting
> webdav from an application much easier. This way you can easily expose an
> application as a webdav resource. A sample sitemap would contain the
> following matchers:
> <map:match pattern="/">
>   <map:act type="requestmethod">
>      <map:generate src="cocoon:{request-method}"/>
>      <map:serialize/>
>   </map:act>
> </map:match>
> <map:match pattern="PROPFIND">
> </map:match>
> <map:match pattern="PROPPATCH">
> </map:match>
> <map:match pattern="MKCOL">
> </map:match>
> etc.
> Does this make sense?

Yes, adding Webdav methods  to the cocoon makes sense. However
it would duplicate the work done for the slide webdav servlet.
Slide webdav contains lot of code, so porting it to cocoon is a
major project.

Do you want to extend the matcher or introduce a new one? You could do either

<map:match type="wildcard" method="PROPFIND" pattern="**./ >


<map:match type="wildcard"  pattern="**./ >
  <map:select type="webdav">  
	<map:when test="PROPFIND">
      <map:when test="PUT">

I would prefer the second solution, since you don't have to change 
existing matchers.


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