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From Robert Leftwich <>
Subject SourceFactory lifecycles
Date Sat, 07 Sep 2002 10:50:31 GMT
I am implementing a source (for Prevayler) based on the 
FileSource/URISource. I have implemented a SourceFactory that extends 
AbstractLogEnabled and implements SourceFactory and Configurable. 
Everything is working ok with the exception that configure() on the 
SourceFactory appears to be called once per request. I was under the 
impression (from the Avalon docs [1]) that configure() would only be 
'called once in the entire life of a Component:'. So, it appears my 
understanding/expectation that the lifetime of a SourceFactory is basically 
the same as for the Cocoon servlet/context (i.e. I expect to see 
configure() called only once) is wrong.
Can someone please enlighten me as to the actual lifecycle of a 
SourceFactory as I want to do some one-off setup based on the parameters 
passed to the configure() method?



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