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From Gerhard Froehlich <>
Subject Re: Big problems with JispFilesystemStore
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2002 18:28:37 GMT
Sorry guys,
that I left you alone with the Problem. But it's for some reason 
impossible in the moment for me to work on Cocoon :-/.

> Hi,
> the JispFilesystemStore has some serious problems/bugs - it does
> not implement the free() or the keys() method! - So if you use
> this store for caching (and it's the default) your cache
> might grow and grow - because the store janitor cannot free it!!!
> So, I recommend not to use the JispFilesystemStore in it's current
> state.

Hmm slowly yes. Because when the pipline invalidates the requested 
object it's removed from the store (Filesystem, Jisp or Memory).

> I looked at the Jisp API but didn't see a way to get all keys out
> of the store. Is this right? Does anyone know a way, so we can
> fix these problems?

The new API provides a BTreeIterator. This class has a getKey() method, 
maybe we can use this class to delete all entries from the store?

I use the IndexedObjectDatabase in the current implementation. With the 
new API we can create from this class with createIterator() this 
BTreeIterator. Then we are able to iterate over the keys and call the 
remove(key) method each iteration.


BTW: how is the new design of the caching stuff. After that we could 
re-design the store stuff :-).

- Gerhard


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