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From "Rony G. Flatscher" <>
Subject Re: BSF - *any* knowledge at all in this group ? (Re: BSF (Bean Scripting Framework) and Cocoon's usage of it ?? (Re: Seeking help on BSF calling a non-Java language engine (Rexx) ...
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2002 13:55:37 GMT
Hi Carsten:

> I don't have any knowledge of BSF - but I now a little bit about Cocoon.
> Sorry, I can't follow you: where is this method call of call() and
> about what source are you talking?

Well, this is a kind of a very special question and has to do with the BSF-utiltity. Basically
allows for calling non-Java-languages from within Java and allows also for those non-Java-programs
to call back into Java. Various Apache projects are employing BSF (was developed by IBM as
open-source and has been handed over to Apache).

BSF in the context of XSL-transformations allows for defining extensions (i.e. functions written
e.g. in JavaScript, in Perl, ie. extending the class BSFEngineImpl). In theory any implemented
BSF-language can be handled uniformely. In the context of Cocoon it is the first time that
RexxEngine for BSF does not work. It seems that the way the BSF-RexxEngine is called causes
problem: the name of the function and the argument(s) are supplied, but not the source code
of the
program (in this case the Rexx program).

So I would like to know how I could get a hold of the source code at runtime to be able to

To make it maybe a little bit more interesting, I enclosed the following files:

    - page2html-javascript.xsl - contains a JavaScript function as an extension to XSLT
    - hello-page2html.xml - xml-file to be processed (using a JavaScript function)

(   - XML nach HTML.htm - the resulting HTML-file  )

This JavaScript version works with Cocoon, due to BSF.

The question to the developers in the know: how is it possible to access the source of the
(in the file "page2html-javascript.xsl it is defined in a CDATA-section)? [The call() method
is a
method defined in BSFEngineImpl(), and it seems to me that it is not being used correctly,
at least
not the way I read the original BSF documentation.]

*Any* help, *any* hint highly appreciated !



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