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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [control flow] names and concepts [was: changes and new sample]
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2002 08:56:53 GMT
Ola Berg wrote:
> Brainstorm
> 1) What component is it that we speak of?
> flow
> controller
> flow-controller
> director
> flow-director
> This defines an application flow
> <map:flow language=\"JavaScript\">
>   <map:script src=\"blah.js\"/>
> </map:flow>
> A \"director\" in a play makes the actors act according to a script, it could work:
> <map:director language=\"JavaScript\">
>   <map:script src=\"blah.js\"/>
> </map:director>
> Now, what happens when it is time to act according to the script? Is the flow \"called\"
or \"used\":
> <map:call-flow ...
> <map:use-flow ...
> or is it a director that directs?
> <map:direct ...
> Suggestions:
> use-flow
> call-flow
> direct
> Personally, I like either \"flow\" and \"use-flow\" or \"director\" and \"direct\". On
second thougt \"flow\" and \"use-flow\" is what I like best. (Part of the problem is that
\"flow\" can be used both as a noun (the component) and as a verb (the action). \"use-flow\"
makes up for this.).

The 'actor/director' metaphore has been extensively used in Avalon and I
don't want them to collide here.

Also, what I don't find fitting in the actor/director metaphor is the
unbroken seemless continuation perception that 'flowing' gives. When
something flows, it's normally continously flowing or there is a problem
(water, oil, eletric current, air)

A better alternative could be to use 'pipelines and valves', but this
collides with the use of 'valves' in Tomcat 4.x

I know that 'calling a flow' is not really meaningful, in fact,
'hand-over to the resource flow' would be a better description of the
action, but I'm not really worried by these things. The sitemap shows
that once people like a concept, they don't mind sticking to a new name
or even more, replace the most used meaning of that word for the new

I forecast the same happening for the flow concept.

Stefano Mazzocchi                               <>

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