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From Antonio Gallardo Rivera <>
Subject Extending the XSP Session...
Date Sat, 28 Sep 2002 23:25:46 GMT
I made some changes extending the current xsp-session name space to a new tag 
<xsp-session:getxml>. More info:

The problem is that after the move of the SessionManager to a block outside 
the core (this was made on Friday Sep, 27th). I cannot make a clean build 
anymore. Because the (where I place a new function to 
handle the new tag) needs the class SessionManager that at the compile time 
is not avaliable in his package (the package does not exist at this time).  
But we package will be avaliable after the full rebuild.

The I realize that I to do one of the 2 options:

a) Create a new class inside the block session-fw. If this is correct I 
request from you to tell me what name I can use to the new XSPSessionHelper 
class for the session-fw block.

I thinked maybe it can be into:
What you think?

b) Make some changes to the build.xml to address this issue.

I ask about that because I am new here and I dont want to break the logic of 

Also, I was asking before about what is the future of XSP? But no one can tell 
me if this is going to dissapear or if this is too new technology that is 
still under development. Please I need and answer here. :)

I get the feeling like XSP will not be supported by Cocoon anymore. Is this 

I am asking because there is almost no development of this. In exchange there 
are many devel efforts into tranformations technologies like session-fw, 
authentication-fw, XMLForms, and so on...

At the end I just want to tell that I love the XSP, but please tell me if this 
will continue of not.

Thanks in advance,

Antonio Gallardo

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