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From "Rony G. Flatscher" <>
Subject BSF (Bean Scripting Framework) and Cocoon's usage of it ?? (Re: Seeking help on BSF calling a non-Java language engine (Rexx) ...
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 12:54:56 GMT
Hi there,

a couple of days ago I posted a question regarding the Bean Scripting 
Framework's (BSF) usage of Cocoon. BSF allows Java programs to invoke 
functions/scripts/programs written in non-Java languages and
in an IBM alphawork project. In the past months a process has taken 
place to hand it over to Apache.

The problem: using BSF to add functions to XSLT works nicely with the 
JavaScriptEngine of BSF, but does not work yet, if using the
(either with the open source Regina Rexx interpreter or IBM's Object 
Rexx, which is free for Linux, BTW).

The reason: "Cocoon" uses the call()-method and supplies the name of
function (as defined in the appropriate XSLT document) and the
but not the source code, containing the Rexx code to be executed.

Short of any other documentation, there is no way at the moment to 
determine the location of the source code (in this case embedded in a 
CDATA-section in the XSLT-file).

Hence the plea for help: where is the source code stored, how can one 
retrieve the source-code at run-time?

Any help or any hint is highly appreciated!



Rony G. Flatscher wrote:

>Hi there,
>have tried to research the mail-archives, the documentation and the
FAQ, but have not come up with a
>solution to a BSF-related problem, so my request for help in this
group of very ;) knowledgable
>people. Here's the problem:
>Extending the functionality of XSLT by defining a Rexx function which
should get called with the
>help of BSF during an XSLT-transformation. Obviously the
call()-Method is invoked and not apply(),
>which would supply the source-code in the form of a String.
>The BSF RexxEnigne call() method receives the declared function-name
and the argument(s), but not
>the source code. Here's the question: how is it possible at runtime
to get a hold of the source code
>(this is needed to be passed on to the used Rexx interpreter)?
>[Obviously, the RexxEngine is found and its call() Method is used, so
that part would be o.k.]
>Please, if you have any insights or hints which may help solve this
problem, then please do!
>(Would there be a way to force apply() to be used instead of call(),
which would supply the source?
>Or, could one indicate that the object-argument supplied to call()
which is set to null should
>possess the sourcecode?)
>Should you need an example (XSLT defining the extension embedding the
Rexx code etc. and a short
>XML-file to be processed, URL to the Rexx-support for BSF), then
please let me know.
>Thanks in advance,

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