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From Marcus Crafter <>
Subject Introduction
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2002 12:55:59 GMT
Hi All,

	Hope all is well! :-)

	Firstly, thanks to everyone one for the vote of confidence and welcome
	aboard wishes! Has been much appreciated.

	So, following the new committer email tradition :-)
	(mostly copied from the version I sent to avalon-dev in march)
	For those that don't know me, my name is Marcus Crafter and I come
	from a country town in rural South Australia called Mount Gambier.
	Currently I'm working in Germany in a project at the Dresdner Bank.
	We've been working with Cocoon since February 2000 when our
	project first started. Initially with Cocoon 1, then with Cocoon 2 in
	August 2000. Our first release was based upon a	pre-alpha CVS version
	of Cocoon 2, and we haven't looked back since :) It's amazing how far
	the project has come since then.

	My history with computers started quite a while back, mainly thanks to
	my father who purchased a range of computers for us to use at home
	since I was the age of 7. These machines included a TI-99/4A,
	Sharp MZ-700 (anyone heard of that? :) ) and an Amstrad 2086.

	When I turned 18 I also discovered the Amiga. Amazed at it's graphics
	and sound capabilities I ended up getting right into the Amiga Demo
	scene, getting my hands on as many Demos as possible, like Substance
	from Quartex, Enigma from Phenomena, Global Trash from Silents. The
	list goes on... I still get a little lump in my throat when I think
	back and remember discovering what such Demo's could do on my little
	Amiga 500. :-)

	After high school I went to LaTrobe University in Melbourne, and
	studied Computer Systems Engineering. I graduated in 1997,
	specializing in software engineering. Java was quite new then, and
	was a large part of my thesis. For my project I ended up writing
	a GUI builder using AWT which was a challenge but fun.

	During University I re-entered the PC world, but thankfully found
	Linux and was able to abandon the DOS/Windows world :) I now use
	Debian GNU/Linux both at home and at work.

	After graduating, I started working for an Australian software house
	which sent me here to work at Dresdner Bank in Germany, which is
	where I came across Cocoon and the other Apache related projects
	(Avalon, FOP, etc).
	Over the past 2 years I've met many people and made lots of
	friends from the list, and it's been extremely rewarding being part
	of this awesome project. I look forward to the bright future
	Cocoon has in front of it! :-)



     ,,$$$$$$$$$,      Marcus Crafter
    ;$'      '$$$$:    Computer Systems Engineer
    $:         $$$$:   ManageSoft GmbH
     $       o_)$$$:   82-84 Mainzer Landstrasse
     ;$,    _/\ &&:'   60327 Frankfurt Germany
       '     /( &&&

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