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From Marcus Crafter <>
Subject Re: Proposal: Serving SOAP from Cocoon
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2002 14:44:10 GMT
Hi All,

	Hope all is well.
	After working through some interesting issues :) I've updated the
	SOAP server for Cocoon that I've been working on in the following
	o SOAP server reader is now based on Axis, rather than Apache SOAP.
	o Helper abstract classes have been written allowing webservices
	  to implement LogEnabled and Composable.
	o Several webservices are now included:
		o cache (allows you to remotely manipulate the Cocoon cache
		         via soap, eg. clear it)
		o memory (allows you to view the total and free amount of
		          memory in your Cocoon application, also allows you
			  to remotely invoke the garbarge collector)
		o system (allows you to inspect the hardware your server
		          is running on)
		o process (allows you to run a system process on the server
		           and view the output. eg. ps, uptime, df, etc)

	o Included a small sample webapp which allows you to list the 
	  services currently deployed.

	o Moved entire source over to scratchpad, rather than core
	The source with libraries is now much larger than the original version,
	I'll make it available via http somewhere and enter a bugzilla patch.
	Comments, suggestions more than welcome.

On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 04:30:09PM +0200, Marcus Crafter wrote:
> Hi All,
> 	Hope all is well.
> 	Over the past couple of days I've been working on adding the
> 	ability for a Cocoon application to serve SOAP requests.
> 	The motivation for this work came from:
> 	o The need to share business logic data with other projects, ie.
> 	  B2B communcation.
> 	o The desire to build an administration application and remotely query
> 	  a live system about its status.
> 	Instead of building a second server into our application (ie. RMI,
> 	CORBA, etc), I thought it might be better to use SOAP for this for
> 	several reasons, mainly since servlet based Cocoon applications are
> 	really HTTP oriented servers anyway.
> 	The code adding this functionality is in bugzilla, #11728.
> 	My hope is that this feature is of use for others too.
> 	Essentially, I took the RPCRouterServlet from the Apache SOAP
> 	project and ported it to Cocoon as a Reader, which in effect
> 	allows you to register SOAP services within your Cocoon app, and
> 	serve data to other clients.
> 	The reader can be configured in the sitemap as follows:
> <!-- Defines a SOAP RPC reader that will serve SOAP requests via HTTP-POST.
>      'managed-services' defines a list of Apache SOAP deployment descriptors
>      that will be automatically deployed at startup and undeployed at 
>      shutdown of this reader.
>  -->
> <map:reader logger="sitemap.reader.soap-rpc" name="soap-rpc"
>             src="org.apache.cocoon.reading.SoapRPCReader">
>  <managed-services>
>   <descriptor src="resource://org/apache/cocoon/components/soap/services/memory/DeploymentDescriptor.xml"/>
>  </managed-services>
> </map:reader>
> 	Consult the javadocs for the full option set which includes the
> 	ability to set an EnvelopeEditorFactory, and custom SOAP server xml
> 	config file.
> 	The pipeline match is quite simple like most readers:
> <!-- Match SOAP RPC Router requests -->
> <map:match pattern="rpcrouter">
>  <map:read type="soap-rpc" mime-type="text/xml"/>
> </map:match>
> 	With these 2 sections added to your sitemap, you can then make
> 	HTTP-POST queries to the above pipeline to deploy, list, invoke or
> 	undeploy particular SOAP services from your Cocoon app. The
> 	ServiceManagerClient class that comes with Apache SOAP is quite
> 	useful for this.
> 	I've included an example service with my patch which allows a
> 	remote client to query the amount of free & total memory the remote
> 	Cocoon app currently has, and also allows a client to invoke the
> 	garbage collector on the remote application.
> 	For those interested have a look at the class and deployment
> 	descriptor in the o/a/c/components/soap/services/memory directory,
> 	and the	webapps/samples/soap directory.
> 	The SoapRPCReader also adds the Cocoon request, response, context
> 	and ComponentManager to the SOAP request context, which means it's
> 	possible for your SOAP services to access any avalon components you may
> 	have written, and also session data that may be relevant for the
> 	particular request. Have a look at the
> 	o/a/c/components/soap/services/template directory for an example of
> 	this.
> 	Normal SOAP services (ie. cocoon independant) can also be deployed,
> 	including those implemented in other languages via BSF support. The
> 	Apache SOAP documentation describes how this can be done.
> 	The reader itself requires the presence of the Apache SOAP jar
> 	(2.3.1 used during development), and the SUN activation and
> 	javamail jar. I've modified the build.xml so that the reader and
> 	associated services are only built if these libraries are present.
> 	I'm now looking at the various statistical & administration
> 	information we might like to provide from Cocoon, hopefully in
> 	combination with the instrumentation interfaces from Excalibur.
> 	Ok, so I hope its of use for more people that just me, if there's any
> 	questions, comments, feel free to ask.
> 	Cheers,
> 	Marcus
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