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From "Frank Taffelt" <>
Subject Serializer and Xalan Bug
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2002 10:17:08 GMT

it seems that the Xalan-Bug doesn't affect
current cocoon codebase.

The current AbstractTextSerializer has a workarround for this which uses a
simple identity transform Stylesheet. This Solution seems to work fine for
the XML Serializer but doesn't work for TextSerializer which includes a XML
declaration for it's output. The current workarround seems to have strange
effect on all Serializer's that inherit from AbstractTextSerializer: setting
of serialization properties like "omit-xml-declaration" and all other
properties for TextSerializer is ignored.

I switched AbstractTextSerializer back to the version before this bug and it
seems that the default identity transformer handles namespaces in the right
way.Serializer properties like (omit-xml-declaration, encoding ...) now were
never ignored and working well for Text- and XMLSerializer's.

Best Regards,
Frank Taffelt

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