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From "Konstantin Piroumian" <>
Subject [Proposal] Input modules: access syntax and naming
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2002 19:37:18 GMT
Hi folks!

1) I've been recently trying to modernize the Forrest's sitemap using input
modules and found out that there is no input module for request properties
as context path, locale, query string,etc.). And the name used for the
request parameters module is misleading in this regard.

I don't remember how the discussion about module names ended, but I'd like
to propose to change the names for modules as below:

    1. request - for RequestModule (I volunteer to implement it), to provide
access to context path, locale, uri, url, query string     and all other
properties of Request interface.

    2. request-param - either of this for request parameters

    3. request-attr - either of the for request attributes

    4. session - for a module for Session properties, such as id, isNew,

    5. session-attr - for session attributes

    6. application - for a module for application context (Context)
properties, in case of web environment it's the ServletContext properties.

    7. application-attr - web application context attributes (servlet
context attributes)

If we agree on this, I am volunteering to implement the RequestModule (or
maybe RequestPropertiesModule) and if I have time then I'll also implement
the modules related to session and application.

2) Now a question:
First usage of input modules in Forrest for site skin selection showed me
that having passive modules (that implement only the 'getter' functionality)
is not sufficient. In case of the skin when user chooses to use another
'skin' he should pass a 'skin' request parameter. But the problem is that
this parameter is not retained through the user's session and you should
either generate all the site links with this parameter or somehow set a
session attribute or a cookie

The same is true for the user's locale. I've been thinking about replacing
the LocaleAction with an input module, but I am in doubts if I should set
user's locale in an input module? This involves setting a request or session
attribute and/or a cookie.

Any suggestion or a better solution is appreciated.

Best regards,
  Konstantin Piroumian

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