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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: o.a.c.environment.http.* compatibility ?
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 12:30:48 GMT

On Wed, 21 Aug 2002, Marcus Crafter wrote:

> Hi All,
> 	Hope all is well.
> 	I've been doing some work recently with the Apache SOAP library
> 	building a RPC reader for Cocoon, and have come across something
> 	I need some advice on.

BTW: Why did you choose to use Apache-SOAP instead of Apache-Axis? I've
heard there are interoperability issues with Apache-SOAP which Apache-Axis
tries to solve (and are very picky about it, which is good anyway).

> 	Apache SOAP uses the ServletContext, ServletRequest, etc, objects
> 	internally from the javax.servlet package to do various	things.
> 	Within Cocoon though, these objects are wrapped inside Cocoon's
> 	o.a.c.environment.http Context, Request, etc, classes, making this
> 	part of	the integration a little complex, as there's no way to get to
> 	the wrapped object, nor do the package names match (javax.servlet &
> 	o.a.c.environment) which causes ClassCastExceptions within the SOAP
> 	code.
> 	This seems to be a general issue if you want to integrate a 3rd
> 	party servlet oriented library into Cocoon (unless I've missed
> 	something?), so I thought about modifying the http implementations of
> 	the Cocoon environment classes so they actually implement the
> 	interface of the object they wrap.
> 	ie:
> 	public class HttpRequest implements Request {
> 	becomes
> 	public class HttpRequest implements Request, HttpServletRequest {
> 	and the same with o.a.c.e.http.HttpContext, etc, etc.
> 	That would allow the Cocoon http request, context, etc,
> 	implementations to be used implicitly as their javax.servlet.http.*
> 	counterparts in 3rd party libraries that rely on them.
> 	Would this change cause any problems ?

The CLI version of Cocoon would be dependant on the servlet API, right?

IIRC the original servlet objects are in the objectModel reference.


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