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From "John Morrison" <>
Subject [VOTE] new cvs modules/lists (was RE: [PROPOSAL] Cocoon-apps CVS module)
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 20:07:21 GMT
[Vote 1]
[+1] Seperate "apps" module: xml-cocoon2-apps

[Vote 2]
[+1] cvs ci for xml-cocoon2-apps goes to list xml-cocoon2-cvs
[-1] cvs ci for xml-cocoon2-apps goes to list xml-cocoon2-apps-cvs

<personal>I feel happiest if everyone working on the
main project saw the uses their contibutions were being
put too and I'm sure people working on apps should really
keep upto date with the main project.  This may have a knock
on effect of somebody with just -apps karma submitting
sufficient patches and being added to the main cvs! :)</personal>

[Vote 3]
[+1] People voted cvs access for documentation to have
	full karma
[-1] Module "hack" for xml-cocoon2-docs to do:
	cvs co xml-cocoon2/xdocs

<personal>If people want to only co the xdocs then
they can, but I think it would be best to document
how to do so than create a "hack" (sorry Ken).</personal>


PS, nice addendum Ken :)

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