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From "Leigh Dodds" <>
Subject RE: Let's clean Cocoon and modularize it (was: Cocoon Organization(Cocoon plugins))
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2002 13:08:33 GMT
Just to jump in a spend my two euros:

One thing that ought that I think should be collectively 
thought about is whether modularization (or indeed, 
anything) can help stabilise particular aspects of Cocoon 
such that they can be clearly labelled as stable/core, etc.

This is an issue that I've encountered when proposing that
Cocoon be deployed into a commercial environment. 
Essentially: "if we build an application on this version of 
Cocoon, are we going to easily migrate to newer versions 
of the software without having to rearchitect the application".

It seems that there are some aspects of Cocoon that are 
undergoing fairly radical changes -- I keep seeing mention 
of changes to the Sitemap processing model (blocks?) 
for instance -- this is off-putting when you can a stable 
platform for your application.



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