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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: Is Cocoon unstable?
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2002 12:05:15 GMT
Jens Lorenz wrote:
> I've to agree on this. Instable not with the meaning of crashes
> but with the meaning of fast changes of API interfaces.
> I can even come up with a quite good example.
> The move of the Source interface from Cocoon to Excalibur.
OK, I agree with you - only partly - because these are changes
between the 2.0.x series and 2.1. As 2.1-dev is called alpha
it's not intended for production environments.

> For our document managment system we invented and extended
> Source interface with some extra functionality. So that we
> could integrate nicely with existing components (generator
> and reader in particular), but use extended functionality
> by just doing "instanceof ExtendedSource".
> Our source still works with 2.1, but since it is wrapped up
> in another compatiblity class the instanceof statement fails.
> Even worse, there is no way to get at our wrapped (old) Source.
> One solution we've developed is to create a (JDK 1.3 only)
> dynamic proxy which replaces the Wrapper classes and still
> implements all interfaces of the wrapped Source thus allowing
> it to be used the old and the new way.
> Another solution is to develop a new ExcaliburSource, but this
> way we're unable to use it with 2.0.x. It doesn't even compile.
> So essentially we've to maintain two versions. One for 2.0.x and
> one for 2.1.x. (and that's a PITA)

Ok, agreed - if you have any suggestions how to improve the wrapper
classes to avaid such problems, let us know.

> And the Source is only one example. 
> Another is Loggable vs. LogEnabled.
Loggable still works and will work in 2.1 - so no need to upgrade.

I understand your concerns and know that this is a PITA, but it has
nothing to do with an unstable 2.0.x series - and that's what I'm
currently focusing on.

If there are such hard upgrade paths for upgrading to 2.1 (which is
still alpha, so I stronlgy suggest to not upgrade) then we should
detect them and provide solutions for it (at least when 2.1 hits beta).
The wrapper classes for the source objects are one step.


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