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From "Per Kreipke" <>
Subject RE: [Q] Classes not found...
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 19:16:23 GMT
> >I've put a bunch of JARs in Tomcat 4's lib directory (as per the
> TC4 config
> >how-to) but the classes aren't visible in my XSP page, Pizza keeps
> >complaining.
> >
> Compiler needs to know were the JARs are located. All existing Java
> compilers can work with *files* only.


> >The reason they are there and not in C2's space is because the JARs are
> >shared with other web apps.
> >
> >Does XSP have its own class loader that's fouling this up?
> >
> It has nothing to do with classloading. It's compiler classpath issue.
> To solve it, specify all these JARs in extra-classpath.
> extra-classpath will be appended to Java compiler's classpath, and Pizza
> then will find these files.

Gotcha. Was that in the Servlet spec?

> >Any comments/ideas?
> >
> Here is an idea: write java compiler which does not depend on files but
> can compile using classes loaded by classloader.

I just happen to have one handy. I keep it with my million dollar idea, my
youthful idealism, my nobel prize winning solution to factoring primes
faster than thought itself and my copious spare time.



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